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Steps to Write an Exemplification Essay

Did you get assigned an exemplification essay for class?

It sure sounds like a challenging task; if you’ve heard the term for the first time – makes you wonder, is there someone who can write my essay?

However, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. If you’re familiar with writing argumentative essays, then you’ll master exemplification essays in no time.

In such essays, you’re required to support your claim through logical reasoning and examples. These examples help strengthen your point of view as well as the reader’s understanding.

Now that you have understood what an exemplification essay is, let’s take a look at the steps involved in writing it.

Choose an interesting topic

The first step is figuring out the topic that your essay will focus on. It is essential that you pick the right topic as it sets the overall theme of your paper. Don’t just go with a topic that you find interesting, look for something that is neither too generalized or too narrow.

It is difficult to find examples for a narrow topic and it will be difficult to cover all aspects of a broader topic.

Carry out research

Before you jump to the writing stage, make sure to research your topic. Since exemplification essays are all about justifying your claim, this is your chance to research and gather authentic evidence.

Go through different credible sources such as academic journals, articles and other websites to gather examples, facts and statistics to justify your argument.

Create an outline

Creating an outline before starting to write the essay is a smart way to stay on write my essay for me. It gives you a sense of direction and acts as a roadmap for the rest of the paper.

It’s always good to know beforehand what you want to share in the paper. Your essay outline will consist of an introduction, thesis statement, body and conclusion.


After you have defined the outline and figured out what you want to add in your essay. Start the actual writing process. Your introductory paragraph should be a mix of an attention grabber and information.

Open your introduction with a hook sentence to attract the reader’s attention and making them want to read further.

This should be followed by background information on your topic. Introduce your topic to the readers and give them enough details that make it easier for them to understand what the paper is about.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement goes at the end of your introductory paragraph. It states the main claim of your essay and gives the reader an idea of what to expect.

Body paragraphs

The body holds the major portion of information in your essay. This is the part where you elaborate on the information and explain the topic in-depth. Each paragraph consists of a topic sentence, supporting idea, supporting examples and a transition.


The concluding paragraph provides a sense of closure to the essay writing service. Do this by restating the thesis and sum up the main points.

Edit and proofread

The last step of the essay is to revise it – go through it at least twice. Get rid of all errors and typos and cite all of your sources correctly.

Follow these simple steps and get yourself a well-crafted paper.

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